Successful first stage of EU petition

Soon after I launched my Avaaz petition I heard that after nearly five months of waiting, my submission to the EU Petitions Committee had been approved as eligible and the petition was now live on the official EU petitions site.  Cool!

This petition has weight, because all such petitions must be considered by the committee and the committee has the power to run investigations, demand answers from the European Commission and generally raise more of a fuss than citizens can on their own.  Even a petition with very few signatures has to be considered, which is handy because the site doesn’t get many visitors and you have to fill in a registration form before you sign the petition, which tends to put people off.

The petition content is similar to the Avaaz one but more focused on the legality of loss of citizenship.  There’s no  formula written down that explains how or why EU citizenship is lost when a member state leaves the Union.  It doesn’t say that the process is illegal, it just asks what the process is, how it’s justified and how EU citizens can appeal against the process.  It’s a simple ask but with potentially far reaching consequences in terms of the precedent set.

The full petition link is Note that you do have to register in order to support the petition.



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