Progress in Brussels

When I submitted my petition to the EU Committee on Petitions I thought maybe, if they decided it merited consideration, they’d need to ask the European Commission to look at it, so I’m absolutely delighted to get a letter this morning from the committee chair to say they’ve sent it to the Commission, the Council of the European Union, and the Parliament.

This feels like great progress: I think it shows that they don’t have a simple answer to my question about the legality of losing citizenship (as expected under Brexit).  If the Commission are to give an official answer it will have to be pretty robust from a legal standpoint.  I am hoping that citizens and European parliamentarians will then be in a better place to assess whether the answer is in line with the principles that underpin EU citizenship and rights.

Sending it to the Council is also interesting.  Potentially it means that these issues will have more chance of being considered in the Brexit negotiation.  I’m an optimist, obviously.

Next I’m expecting to hear how the Commission and Council respond.  Setting aside my optimism, my best guess is that some kind of reply has to be made to the Committee, they can’t just forget about it, but of course they might decide to take a good deal of time over it. I’ll keep seeking information and try to make sure they feel pressure to act.

You can help in that.  The petition is still very much open for you to support at  Please take the time to read it, support it and share it.  Note you have to register on the Petitions Portal before you can support a petition.  If you want to share a shorter link to the petition you can use




2 thoughts on “Progress in Brussels

  1. Once again Jonny, I commend your initiative and your dogged determination. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the BBC news in the near future (or maybe Question Time…). Well done.


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