I use this blog to share thoughts about social and political change, sometimes including calls to action. The issues that I am most concerned about are always cross-cutting and usually global in scope: international cooperation and human rights, artificial intelligence, gender equality and global environmental degradation.

I am working towards global cooperation and a collective vision for how we live together on Earth.  I think developing a vision we all share and work towards is the obvious thing to do, and a system dominated by individual nation states maintains inequality and promotes conflict.  We are one people on one planet and our current system of borders, boom and bust is degrading our planet at an accelerating rate, while keeping a billion people in poverty and enabling a small class of super rich people to behave as if they have no neighbours and there is no tomorrow.

I am a freelance consultant in the charity sector so I have another website to promote my work, jonnyg.co.uk, and I sometimes blog there about worky content that’s less controversial and potentially useful for clients or other contacts in my professional network.  I also post articles on LinkedIn when I think I can get away with it.